Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Garden Motivation

Taming the Beast

It’s a bit hard to motivate yourself on a hot summer’s day when even the flies are trying to take refuge inside your house. And seriously, who wants to be yanking weeds after a hard day at work, you should be relaxing right?

Motivation isn’t just about saying you want X and hoping a random X-fairy will materialise in front of you to manifest your wish. It’s not about going at it hammer and tongs either. We all know the fated new year’s resolution that you’re going to start a new fitness regime. We go at it like a beagle to a pork chop for two weeks then bah! what am I doing sitting on my couch with a box of krispy kreme’s, I’m supposed to be doing miles on my fat-blaster 2000. Worst of all, then the guilt sets in and we feel worse than before we started. What went wrong?

I bet you have lots of things that you’d like to do in your life. Perhaps you want to save for a new car, perhaps you’d like to give up smoking, or meat. Take up guitar lessons, paint a bedroom, keep your house more tidy, build a vegie patch! These are obvious and conscious wants that you have. But what about your unconscious wants? I’d personally love to be motivated to do my dishes every night before I go to bed. So why don’t I just do them? Because my unconscious want of relaxing is actually more important to me than a clean kitchen. If it weren’t, then I’d do them. My conscious want might be to lose weight, but my subconscious body-want is for food. So realistically food is more important to me than weight.

Subconcious thoughts work on many different levels and are mostly of the ego. The ego wins first prize every time for thwarting our biggest dreams. Frequently what you want and what your ego wants are not in alignment. Whatever it is you have right now is a result of them agreeing. What it is that you don’t have, but desperately want is where a self-discovery journey lies. It’s possible that right now your ego is telling you that’s a load of shit, because despite the fact that you want to enjoy your life, your ego actually wants you to suffer. Are you suffering? It’s because you want to. Rubbish! You might say, I don’t want to suffer, why would I want that, that’s ridiculous. YOU don’t want that, your subconscious ego does. And in fact it is so subconscious that dig around as hard as you might, you cannot find it. This is what I mean by different levels. Sometimes we just need to take an assumption that we are not in alignment based on what has manifested in our life. If it’s not going to plan, something within you is working against you. Guaranteed, it's you against you, not other people or the world or God.

What do you REALLY want.

I’m a mother, and a business owner, yet I still find time to cook, clean, meditate and have a garden. While you’re relaxing on your couch I might just have found enough motivation to be pulling those weeds after a hard day at work. But I have great passion for my garden, or else it would not have transpired. Everything in life takes effort, even lifting a glass of beer to your lips. If you don’t decide specifically where to place your efforts, your ego will make sure they go to the worst possible cause.

This is an intensely complicated topic. If we could understand our ego’s simply by reading 5 paragraphs, we’d all have everything we ever desired. I simply hope it motivates you to look more into getting what it is you really want and the real reason you don’t have it. Why is it that some people just seem to have it all together, and others appear to be floundering around. I can assure you it doesn’t have a lot to do with luck.

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  1. Hi Tamra,
    I think meditation is a great way to slow down our busy monkey like minds and focus on the here and now.
    If we can practice living in the moment, lots of things are achievable and we are able to be present to the people or things around us.
    I love this cooler Autumn weather, our winter seeds are not planted but thank goodness Diana will have lots of seedlings!