Monday, September 28, 2009


I had no idea how many times I'd have to repeat the spelling of this name a year down the track, and how many furrowed eyebrows it would produce. It's still worth it, however, because it's meaningful to me.

The sign on the gate when we purchased the property in '06 was 'Oak Drive'. Hmm, original, I thought. Well, it does have lovely Red Oaks lining the driveway, but a place so enchanting needed something more. Aramor was a bit of a play on Amore (of course) plus had many letters from my own name, and also sounded a little bit like a character from Lord of The Rings. Okay, and I like made-up words that don't mean anything!

A friend of mine jokes about my 'hobbit-land' as though it's a place that I can retreat away from the cares of the world. Very fitting, until I decided to invite the world in...

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